Day 2, Down, Down, Deeper and Down

The depths continue to be fathomed beneath our patio. Roy, the digger driver, hit the water table this morning, as expected,and then unexpectedly a drainage pipe full of stones. The side of the footing promptly caved in, so some shuttering will be needed. We could probably build a replica Shard on the foundations they’re laying out there!imageimage

They have also dug out a base for our shed and greenhouse – I think the concrete is coming tomorrow, so that job we’ve been mulling over for 6 months will be done in 2 days flat.

We had a discussion about the roof lantern today. Ian has heard that if they have an opening, as specified on our plans, they may leak, so he asked if we really want it to open. We decided that yes we do, and that Tri Tech must make us one that doesn’t leak. Fair enough. Next question, do we want it to be electronically controlled? – he’ll check the price. He just phoned to say £400. That seems reasonable for the fun of pressing a button to open the roof light. Let’s hope next summer is a scorcher.

Day 2, Down, Down, Deeper and Down

And so it begins…

Monday October 12th is finally here. this date has been in the diary for months, and now it’s arrived.

A new regime of early mornings may have started, we set the alarm for the first time in 6 months. It was lovely being up early in the October sunshine as Ian got stuck in, removed part of the front fence and drove the digger and dump truck ( both rather diddy and cute) round to the site and in no time had dug down the required 2 metres ( all the houses in Writtle have 600 mm footings, the council have gone mad! Because we have a nearby Willow tree, they demand 2 metres, which is a pain for the builders, and a £1320 pain for us)

The building inspector did call round, apparently – well I had paid £500 to the council last week, so I hope we get a few visits for that!

As well as missing the inspector, I missed the visit of Gary, Ian’s tree man. Andrew described him as looking as though he wrestled bears, and he’s coming to finish the job started by Mr Evans, and for lot less money, by the sound of things


Here’s Ian standing in the footings.

Ian seems to be an  “all things are possible” sort of guy – except when it comes to underfloor heating. He’s going to lay the base for the new greenhouse and shed, whilst he’s digging and concreting.

At the end of the day the footings were almost finished, several cups of Gold Blend had been consumed, and a large envelope of cash and a cheque had been handed over; all parties satisfied, I think, at the end of day one.

And so it begins…

Candy’s Kitchen,

October 1st 2015

Welcome Candy to your blog! I wonder how many blogs out there are written only for their author? Loads, I’m guessing.

This is to be the story of my new kitchen, the tortuous tale of its gestation which I suppose is entering it’s final trimester, and hopefully it’s glorious birth and early weeks (maybe months or even years if I really get into blogging. Some chance, you’re thinking!)

Our builder starts on Monday week. His name is Ian Young, he was recommended by a lady I met at Aqua class, and as Lee pointed out to me the other day we haven’t been to see any of his work! I can’t offer an explanation for that, we just didn’t. Andrew took to him, even though he was wearing a Spurs shirt, and with A’s general  antipathy to all things Candy’sKitchen being usually so pronounced, that was the clincher. Here’s hoping…No I have every confidence in him, at the moment. Actually the other clincher was his estimate being the cheapest of the three we got!,

I intend to publish loads of before, during and after pictures, hoping that A will take them for me, what with him being a decent photographer and me not so much.

I’ve taken this shot today, to show a typical  day in the old kitchen (not) – freshly baked soda bread, and a frenzy of autumnal sloe gin making.


I’m hoping,no I’m planning that the new kitchen will be like this, productive and satisfying. It better be, or A will have something to say about it.

The actual kitchen (units) is an ex-display from Stellisons, in Chelmsford, the saga of which I will recount here over time – it’s a long story, quite boring! Today’s episode involved the salesman Stewart calling at our house to examine the units to find out which one had fallen off the back of a lorry! The kitchen was delivered to us in August, to make way for the new displays in the store, so it has taken over the dining room, the garage, and half the worktop is in the sitting room. I do have photos, can’t work out how to include them here.

We found out which one was damaged; as luck would have it, it’s one that I wanted to change anyway, from an integrated freezer housing to an oven housing for the second oven. It remains  to be seen what Richard, Stewart’s boss wants to charge us for this replacement. I’ll go and see Richard next week- we haven’t met yet – as Stewart is on jury service.

Also today we tried out my chosen Farrow and Ball paint shade on the wall. It’s Dove Tale, oh how I wish it was Elephant’s Breath, but what can you do?

Next time, more progress, more background.

Candy’s Kitchen,